Cloud accommodates the education industry’s need to keep up with the latest technology on a tight budget. Cloud is the perfect solution for educational institutions who want to reinvent virtual learning environments and improve communication between students and teachers, simplify administrative operations, and cut costs. Our cloud solution providers benefit small and large educational institutions alike.


Collaboration is an important aspect of the classroom environment, as students need to be able to communicate with their teachers and peers. Teachers need to have the ability to communicate with their students about assignments and grades in and out of the classroom. Having constant access to lesson plans, grades, notes, and more is another important aspect of collaboration in the education field.

Tight Budget

Many education institutions are used to working with a tight budget. On-site network infrastructures are extremely costly, and require a dedicated IT department to handle frequent maintenance and trouble shooting. Other cost-incurring technology includes classroom computers and copy and fax machines. These expenses can quickly add up, leaving little room in the budget to put towards improving other important resources for students and faculty.


Schools are required to collect sensitive data from students, including transcripts, tuition payments and personal information. An educational institutions’ database will be tasked with managing hundreds or thousands of student and faculty profiles. If a school’s network is hacked or affected by a disaster, this private information can be stolen or lost.