Enterprise level support for small businesses

Enterprise level support for small businesses

The harsh truth is, tech support is expensive. For a small business, setting up a full-fledged IT support department even if it’s a necessity, is not always feasible. That is why, most small businesses keep a compact support team that only looks into problems when something goes wrong or requires fixing. While this solution may sound great for the short run, in the long run, it can cost your company time, productivity, and of course, money.

Instead, you can choose to work with cloud based managed service providers that offer service desk support and are more economical than setting up your own IT department. In this article, we’ll be discussing the need for enterprise level support for small businesses and the right tools for it.

What is a service desk and its benefits?

Cloud based service desk has overtaken traditional and on-premises IT support because of the flexibility it offers in terms of features and extensibility. With its help, your organization is able to enjoy all the benefits of a powerful service desk that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

Let’s consider a scenario — John in accounting noticed that the tool he uses everyday keeps crashing over and over again. John calls the traditional IT support department, which is already understaffed and has been dealing with a lot of issues all day. A support team member notes down his complaint and says ‘He’ll get back to it.’ By the time a technician comes to John’s desk, four hours have passed and he hasn’t been able to do anything productive. It takes another hour for the technician to fix the problem and by the time that happens, it’s almost evening.

Now, if the company had a cloud-based service desk instead, John could have instantly reported the problem online to create a ticket. The service desk software automatically creates a ticket for every incident and assigns it to an agent with the fewest tickets so that the response time is the fastest. Within a few minutes the agent contacts John and resolves his problem with remote desktop control. The entire process would have taken less than an hour and John would have easily got back to his work instead of wasting his entire day.

As compared to a traditional IT support, here are the benefits your organization gets by using a cloud-based service desk:

  • Constant monitoring While you contact the IT support team when something goes wrong, a service desk is always monitoring the system and making sure nothing goes wrong in the first place. With their intuitive systems, the service desk technicians can manage any fixes in the background without disrupting anything.
  • Improved productivity With a streamlined approach towards support and incident management, your organization gets improved productivity as it allows your employees to work without any interruption. Every incident has a set response time, making sure your team can get back to work as soon as possible.
  • Better ROI With a cloud-based service desk, your company saves costs on extra hardware and software. Not to mention, you no longer need to keep technology experts on your payroll. Instead, you can work with a managed service provider on a pay as you go model allowing you the flexibility of changing payment terms as your company scales up or down.

Finding the right service desk tool for your business

There are a number of service desk tools present in the market and the right one will depend highly on your requirements and budgets. One of the most popular tools that provides service management software as a service is ServiceNow. By using a tool like ServiceNow, your organization is able to follow a much more simple and standardized support process with fixed SLAs. Designed to withstand the various stresses of enterprise IT, it can handle large enterprises as easily as it handles small businesses. Its flexibility is the reason why the tool is used by thousands of businesses around the world

SG1’s partnership with Careworx makes it possible for you to get ServiceNow at cost effective pricing. With the SLAs in place, 75-80% of the tickets are solved with first call resolution and the average resolution time is 15 minutes.

ServiceNow is easy to configure and it can be activated quickly as you scale your business needs. It lowers costs, gives more time, and increases overall efficiency. With all its benefits and features, if you are still not convinced about Servicenow, here are some of the features it provides:

  • Incident Management
  • Change Management
  • Configuration Management Database
  • Service catalog and knowledge management
  • Asset management
  • Service level management

In conclusion

Whether you have a small business or a big one, support is an important factor to consider. Setting up an IT support can take a lot of your time and money. On the other hand, working with a managed service provider can get you enterprise level support at more affordable costs.

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