IT solutions for banking, capital market, and insurance. Financial institutions are becoming more dependent on complex technologies, however, in-house IT management is struggling to keep up with the latest updates, regulatory requirements, and security threats. Save valuable time and money by using our IT solutions to help improve your infrastructure. This means going beyond outsourcing to include: data protection and security, disaster recovery, regulatory compliance services, cloud solutions and more.

Financial Services Cloud

Store and access secured client data over the web instead of using storage on your computer. Back up your applications and volumes of data as they are created with cloud-based backup services. In the event of a technological incident, we have a customized disaster recovery plan put into place to match your needs.

Security & Data Protection

Security is critical for financial institutions. Protect confidential data both in transit and in storage with our managed security services. Our services monitor, analyze and manage the security of your network and systems. We offer the safety and integrity of your files while also meeting regulatory requirements.