The healthcare industry is becoming more digital, collaborative, and data-driven than ever before. Cloud allows healthcare businesses to improve doctor-patient connections and ensure that personalized healthcare can be accessed anywhere in the world through secure data sharing. SG1 Cloud Migrations makes it easy to integrate your technology and applications while meeting the healthcare industry’s regulations and standards

Healthcare Technology Management
IT Management for Healthcare


Security is a primary concern in healthcare because the industry frequently deals with confidential and sensitive data shared between patients and doctors. It is critical for healthcare professionals to maintain a secure system for collecting and storing patient information. Professionals must also keep in line with industry and legal regulations, including HIPAA.

Updated Technology

Many healthcare professionals still rely on paper document filing systems and are reluctant to change their traditional methods. However, in an increasingly mobile-centric world, many patients want and expect to have access to their health records through the web. Many small healthcare organizations do not have the money to spend on revitalizing their costly in-house infrastructure and servers, leaving them a step behind on the latest, most efficient technology.


Healthcare businesses are required to comply with many privacy laws and regulations, including HIPAA and PSQIA. These rigorous regulatory measures can make it difficult for healthcare companies to adapt to new technologies that involve moving large quantities of data.


Healthcare workers often need to communicate across multiple departments in one or more offices to ensure a patient is getting the full care they require. A lack of reliable and fast collaboration in dire medical situations can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.


Health Care

Problem – A dental practice management company with over 40 locations across the US in Florida, Virginia, Arizona and California, acquired, developed, renovated, consolidated, and partnered with dental practices through its integrated dental care delivery systems. Their incumbent MSP couldn’t handle the growth from an infrastructure and policy perspective to go along with the numerous outages based on policies and limitations within the current environment.


Solution – SG1 evaluated the environment and built a road map to a unified infrastructure built for future expansion. SG1 compartmentalized the infrastructure into five parts:

  • Email
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Failover
  • Virtual desktops
  • Policies and procedures


Benefits – SGI’s recommended solution provided several benefits to their client:

  • The solution delivered a smooth transition for all users – old and new.
  • The new system provided more secure management and more efficient technical support.
  • Customer could continue to expand its operations without worrying about integration issues.