The healthcare industry is becoming more digital, collaborative, and data-driven than ever before. Cloud allows healthcare businesses to improve doctor-patient connections and ensure that personalized healthcare can be accessed anywhere in the world through secure data sharing. SG1 Cloud Migrations makes it easy to integrate your technology and applications while meeting the healthcare industry’s regulations and standards.


Cloud accommodates the education industry’s need to keep up with the latest technology on a tight budget. Our cloud solution providers benefit for small and large educational institutions alike. Cloud is the perfect solution for educational institutions who want to reinvent virtual learning environments and improve communication between students and teachers, simplify administrative operations, and cut costs


Cloud technology is revolutionizing the way manufacturers do business. The production industry requires management of diverse locations and complex supply chains. SG1 Cloud Migration provides the necessary infrastructure to power each location, and the ability to establish communication from one location to another through a virtual and secure cloud environment


Technology is rapidly changing, and legal institutions are faced with mandates that demand greater IT efficiency. Our solutions provide law firms and attorneys with large-scale file storage and backup, protection and security of confidential client information, and access to resources wherever you go. Get the technology needed to enable your business to provide the best service possible.


SG1 is aware that financial companies are relying heavily on technologies. Our IT solutions take away the necessity of hiring IT staff that tend to not keep up with protocols and required updates. Whether your organization needs to adapt to current IT standards or develop new ones, SG1 can help you save you time and money while improving your company’s framework.

Home Services

Our IT services make it easier for small businesses to integrate technology while meeting client needs. Manage your business’s network, security, and files all through the Cloud (internet) at any time, on any device. Your technology should grow with you, which is why our small business solutions are specifically tailored to the size of your company and your budget.


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