Cloud technology is revolutionizing the way manufacturers do business. The production industry requires management of diverse locations and complex supply chains. SG1 Cloud Migration solution provides the necessary infrastructure to power each location, and the ability to establish communication from one location to another through a virtual and secure cloud environment.

IT Management Solutions for Manufacturing

Expensive Technology

Maintaining and upgrading hardware and software for an entire manufacturing supply chain can be extremely costly. Manufacturing companies need to constantly pay to upgrade to the newest technology, as well as employ a dedicated IT staff to keep infrastructure up and running at every location in the production chain. These expenses can take a huge toll on an industry that relies so heavily on quick technology.


Loss of sensitive data and product information due to failed technology or a natural disaster can be devastating for a manufacturing company. Companies who maintain in-house hardware are most at risk of critical data loss. A secure and reliable IT infrastructure is necessary to keep business up and running in an industry where consistency and efficiency is key.

Pressure for Efficiency

Manufacturers are under an increasing amount of pressure to streamline the production process and improve accuracy in order to keep up with growing competition. The increase in rapid product lifecycles and short time-to-market schedules make supply chain efficiency more important than ever.


In the manufacturing industry, every supplier, distributor, and service interaction counts. During a new product launch, the speed and volume of communication across every sector of the supply chain is immense. A lack of timely collaboration between company divisions can lower efficiency levels and leave room for mistakes.



Problem – One of the largest growing custom cabinet manufacturer in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolis lacked a centralized focus and was running into several serious operational issues. Each of their facilities was operating as a separate unit without the ability to interface with other sites. The company was also missing streamlined processes, and their facilities were in industrial areas that experienced regular network and power grid failures. Remote workers often struggled to connect to their home office to access data for daily tasks.


Solution – SG1 customized a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution that not only overcame the manufacturer’s existing challenges, but also enabled future growth. The resulting solution could also handle intense graphics loads without expensive GPUs alleviating the need to purchase powerful but expensive computers for their CAD designers.
In collaboration with a cloud provider – Green Cloud Technologies – SGI set up virtual servers and virtual desktops to create a centralized computing environment in which all client facilities and employees could access their daily workloads, regardless of location. The client is now positioned to continue growing and remain the leading custom cabinet manufacturer in the region.


Benefits – SGI’s DaaS solution provided several benefits to its client:

  • The solution delivered a smooth transition for all users—aside from the designers’ adjustment to the new CAD software, each employee’s virtual desktop looked and felt like their old desktop.
  • The new system provided more secure management and more efficient technical support.
  • It alleviated the need to purchase powerful but expensive computers for the CAD designers.
  • Customer employees were able to BYOD, and could work remotely from home or while traveling.
  • Customer could easily hire seasonal work by quickly (and temporarily) deploying extra virtual desktops.