Robotic Process Automation

What is Robotic Process Automation?

New and innovative solution for the automation of business processes. Imagine RPA as a virtual employee who automatically operates your existing business applications. RPA acts just like a normal employee but using an automation solution to provide multi areas of value to your company.

Examples of Process Optimization and Automation

  • OCR and ICR of paper-based content
  • Manage and manipulate work data
  • Find and Identify the real process
  • Improve an existing process to better follow best business practice
  • Dynamically respond in real time
  • A.I. based process discovery

RPA Value Proposition

  • Reduced cost with a fast ROI
  • Allow staff to focus on higher value work
  • Improve data security and compliance
  • Reduce staff errors, while maintaining a high level of consistency and efficiency

Execute automation with perfect accuracy from a desktop, data center, or the cloud using your virtual workforce:

  • Attended Robots
    • Robots that interact with humans on a desktop, often in the “front office”
  • Unattended Robots
    • Robots that execute an entire human function, often in the “back office”
  • Hybrid
    • Automation that combine both attended and unattended tasks
  • Process Discovery
    • Robots that are constantly at work behind the scenes, learning new process pathways, identifying automation opportunities, and providing recommendations for optimized performance