How to safeguard your company from Dark Web

How to safeguard your company from Dark Web

In the last few years, the dark web has become the epicenter of everything illegal. Whenever there is a big hack, it is the dark web where the data is dumped. One of the reasons why hackers choose the dark web to sell stolen company data, credentials, and credit cards is because of the anonymity that it provides. With several layers of encryption, it’s difficult to locate users accessing the dark web.

While the companies are required to beef up their security to prevent any hacking attacks in the first, they also need to have a strategy in case their private data does end up on the dark web. The first step for that is to find their data on the dark web before it’s too late and Dark Web ID can help with that.

What is dark web

The dark web consists of a collection of websites that exist on an encrypted network and they cannot be found through the traditional search engines or accessed using normal browsers. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing only index about 0.04% of the total websites, that part is also is referred to as the surface internet. The rest of the 99.96% part of the internet consists of government, academic, and private networks, databases, and the dark web. It has been estimated that the dark web is over 550 times larger than the surface internet.

To access a website on the dark web, you need an encrypted browser like Tor, which works like a VPN service and bounces both end user’s and website’s IP address through several layers of encryption to hide their location and identity. That is why it becomes difficult to find out who is behind those sites or who is accessing them. Some people use the dark web in countries where internet access is highly monitored and there is a lot of eavesdropping, but most people on the dark web are there because they don’t want anyone to know what they are doing.

Why is the dark web a dangerous place

Since it is incredibly difficult to track down website owners or users on the dark web, it has become a breeding ground for illegal activities. From stolen credit card details to company credentials and user passwords — if there is anything illegal for the hackers to sell, they turn towards the dark web.

Law enforcement departments are getting better finding and prosecuting users who are selling illegal data and services online, but they only come into action when they have been notified that there is something wrong. It is still up to the companies to constantly check and make sure that their sensitive data has not made it to the dark web and that is where a Dark Web ID can help.

Protecting your company with a Dark Web ID

By leveraging a combination of human and artificial intelligence, a Dark Web ID is able to detect and mitigate cyber threats against your organization. It searches criminal chat rooms, blogs, websites, bulletin boards, private networks, black market sites and botnets on the dark web for your company’s stolen credentials and other personal identifiable information.

Dark Web ID looks for top-level email domains of your company and if there is a credential matching the search, it is harvested. To make sure no data is missed out, Dark Web ID monitors 600,000 private websites, 500 internet relay chat rooms, and executes 10,000 refined searches every day.

Since the Dark Web ID is constantly canvassing the dark websites for your company data, it gives you an edge in terms of time if your company’s private data does end up on the dark web. You can consult with your external or internal security team to determine the extent of the data breach or the cyber incident, which will eventually help you handle the whole incident in a better way.

Are you ready to make your company data more secure with a Dark Web ID?

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