How secure is your video surveillance solution?

How secure is your video surveillance solution?

When we talk about video surveillance, what is the first picture that our mind makes up? Close your eyes for a moment – do you see a gigantic looking server with lots of cables sticking out of it? We don’t blame you – the human mind, for visual perception, largely depends on past experience.

Running an office or a business is best compared to parenting, when you actually think about it. You need to keep a close eye on the behavior patterns, figure out if something is wrong, even when you’re not physically present, pick up on the signs, and constantly monitor and keep an eye out for threats.

Much like a baby monitor that helps you with the warm blanket of convenience, security and peace of mind, a video surveillance system is key to helping your business or office grow, by keeping an eye on things that matter, for you. The next decision that comes up is “To cloud, or not to cloud?”

Cloud-based video surveillance is much more than what we imagine it to be. In the ever-evolving world that we are living in, there is a lot we need to keep a track of, especially when you run a business or have an office which needs monitoring. Security – at all levels, is the most important factor, now more than ever. The potential threat of losing data due to natural disasters, and other factors is quite real, and un-ignorable.

When you have a cloud video surveillance system, the first advantage is the fact that your data is secure and accessible when you need it, and cannot be tampered with. Let’s take the example of one of our customers – a recognized retail chain. On more than three occasions, an armed man approached the store employees and held them at knifepoint, demanding cash from the register. Historically, when stores have been burglarized, the robber would steal the DVR, so the franchisee wasn’t able to access video surveillance of the incidents.

Once we helped the client switch to a cloud-based, encrypted, and hacker-proof solution (provided by our partner Eagle Eye Networks), for their stores based on their need for a solution that was always secure and would allow them to access video remotely – they have been completely satisfied with all that we had to offer. The solution was easy to set up, maintain, and scale, regardless of the number of locations and/or cameras. The key differentiator was mobile accessibility – the ability to log into one account from just a phone and view multiple locations at once – thus ensuring their stores are safe coupled with the fact that the video is also stored in the cloud, so even if the onsite device is stolen, our client can still access all video footage leading up to the event, unlike before.

At SG1, we provide cloud-based video surveillance solution for every circumstance. Our mission is to be the perfect one-stop-solution system for the cyber-secure conscious customers of today. Contact us today via phone at (817) 382 – 3005 or email at to learn more.

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